Tuesday , 5 July 2022

NLSD Needs Feedback on Student Conduct Procedure Changes

Northern Lights School Division (NLSD) is calling on parents, teachers, staff, and community members for feedback on some proposed changes to the Division’s Student Code of Conduct procedures. Some of the changes are due to the fast-paced of the technical world, whereas other were quasi-unwritten rules that need to be in writing, explains Communications Officer for NLSD, Nicole Garner.

To keep up with the struggles of a technical world, a proposed update to the Student Code of Conduct deals with cyber-bullying, explains Garner. “All students are to refrain from acts of intimidation against any other person; on school grounds, off school grounds, or in a virtual environment.” The update is designed to keep all students safe, “it gives the Principal the authority to deal with conduct that may occur outside of school hours, but would impact what happens in the school; especially with cyber-bullying.”

“One of the changes is a clarification that the Student Code of Conduct applies, not only on the actual school grounds, but also on sporting events, competitions, field trips, special trips, and other school sanctioned events; regardless of whether they are at the school or other locations,” this update is more of a clarification, explains Garner. “It seems a bit common sense and some schools may have assumed that anyways, but this explains it so it’s more clear for everyone.”

“With the changes in technology, any time we look at [the procedures] we review how technology has changed. Even within a few years there can be a lot of changes in technology, so we’re always reviewing that. We often update our procedures, just to make them in-line with technology and to make sure they are consistent with what is actually happening in our schools.”

“Those are the proposed changes to our Student Code of Conduct procedures, that went to the Board for a brief review and now it’s going out to our stakeholders for feedback,” Garner explains there should be letters sent home for parents that explain the proposed changes. “It will come back to our Board in May, along with any feedback.”

Along with being sent home with students, information on the changes will be provided on the Division’s website, nlsd.ab.ca.

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