Wednesday , 6 July 2022

Lakeland Geocachers Excited to Showcase the Region

When the Lakeland Geocachers decided to host a Mega Event in Cold Lake this July, they had the whole region in mind. Their mentality was, why not spread the wealth and showcase the Lakeland. Organizer, Vicky Lefebvre says the event will bring in 1000+ people to the region and a good majority of them will be traveling, shopping, eating, and staying in various communities in the Lakeland.

The event relies on volunteers and sponsorship funding, Lefebvre explains the group realizes that it’s not the best time for corporate sponsors, “we really count on the municipalities to support us and I believe they’ve really come through for us.” Considering the event will have people treasuring hunting throughout the entire region, Lefebvre says each town will benefit from the economic spin-off of having so many people in the area for the five-day event.

The Town of Bonnyville $1250, County of St. Paul $2500, Town of Elk Point $250. The Lakeland Geocachers will be doing a presentation for the Town of St. Paul, and have put in funding requests to the MD of Bonnyville and the City of Cold Lake. “I’m truly grateful to all the municipalities and I really hope the people who come will certainly enjoy themselves and see what a wonderful area we have.”

“The Iron Horse Trail is second-to-none, we have all kinds of unique [attractions] in a our area that I hope people will come back [after the event] to see again or they’ll tell their families or friends,” Lefebvre expects the event to leave a lasting impression on the geocachers. “If we can bring another 20 or 100 families here over the next two years, because they’ve heard about it from this event, what more could you ask for?! And I’m positive that once people see it here, they’ll love it.

The cool thing about geocaches is they stay put and more are added all the time.  People can come back and hunt again or wait a few months and there’ll be more to find, thus the hobby is forever evolving. “We have such a high concentration of geocaches and that’s what geocachers like. We have some very unique ones, that are really cool.”

I’m grateful and thankful for anything that we get, it all helps to put on a better program to get people to come to the Lakeland. – Vicky Lefebvre Lakeland Geocachers

“People can stay in any community while they’re here; we’re really only an hour and twenty minutes from the farthest satellite location. To a geocacher, that means nothing,” there will be satellite events leading up the Mega Event on July 9th in Cold Lake.  Grand Centre Lions Club has donated $1250, Lakeland Credit Union has donated $750 and A&W in Cold Lake will be donating root beer for the participants at the Mega Event. To become a sponsor or more on the event & to register visit sailsrailstails.com.

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