Tuesday , 5 July 2022

Disturbance at Casino leads Cold Lake RCMP to Arrest Suspected Truck Thief

On March 2nd, at 7:30 am, the Cold Lake RCMP were called with a report of a stolen 2006 Chevy Duramax truck, which was located shortly there after near the casino, outside of the city. Around the same time, the casino called the RCMP, to complain of a man causing problems.

The man causing problems was arrested for causing a disturbance, while performing a search of the man RCMP found the keys to the stolen truck in his pocket.  A 41 year old male from Cold Lake First Nations was arrested and charged with four offenses; theft of a motor vehicle, possession of stolen property, impaired driving, and uttering threats.

Although the man arrested was not driving at the time of the arrest, police can reasonably believe that due to the man state at the time of the arrest, the time lapse and distance between the vehicle and the man, that he was impaired while driving. 


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