Recreational Facilities in Elk Point Receive $58K from County of St. Paul

The County of St. Paul has given three major community centres in Elk Point funding for the 2016 year. The AG Ross Arena, Elk Point Curling Rink, and the AG riding Barn, will split $58,000 in funding from the County. Councillor for the Town of Elk Point, Lorne Young, says the Town is very appreciative of the funding.

“The County, over the last month, has given $58,000, ” Young breaks it down, “the arena received $30,00, $20,000 to the riding barn, and $8,000 to the curling rink. They’ve been very supportive of organizations in our town. We’ve very appreciative of that.”

Young says there has been word that funding support from the County will continue, “they have made mention that they’re already looking ahead to next year, and possibly the year after, to increase the funding.” That’s really exciting news for the Town, as this year was already a little higher than average in funding from the County of St. Paul.

The County of St. Paul is a strong supporter of our recreational facilities – Lorne Young Town of Elk Point Councillor

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