Coyote Country Wins The Search

A group of hunting enthusiasts, Coyote Country won Wild TV’s The Search. The show features hunting groups who have filmed their hunts. The footage is turned into multiple episode, which fans vote on to determine a winner. The winning group then receives a year-run, 13 episode reality show series on Wild TV. Coyote Country, has been deemed the winner of the 2015 run of the show.

Coyote Country was founded in part by Leo and his wife Sue Paquin. It started as a way for Leo to share his love for hunting, fishing and outdoor adventures with his family and friends. Leo says the team came across the show on Wild TV and decided to submit their footage, “we had been watching a show on Wild TV, for the first couple seasons, about a reality show that was being broadcast in Canada.” Leo continues, “for season 3 we saw the ad looking for local teams from across Canada and we submitted and that’s how it all started for us.”

The show will air in April-May of 2016, seeing as hunting season in Canada is only so long, Coyote Country will be pretty busy, explains Leo, “the next few months we’re going to be really busy capturing footage and editing and all that good stuff.”

“Even though our name is Coyote Country and coyote hunting is one of our passions, we also want to show some diversity,” Leo says, “Alberta is really blessed with having a lot of different wildlife species.” The show will feature big horn sheep hunt, moose and deer hunting. There will be water fowl and even fishing episodes.

Although the prize was a one year series, with the possibility for a multi-season pick-up, the contest does not cover all of the expenses. For example the team must pay for their own editing and sound. There are opportunities for corporate sponsorship, you can visit Coyote Country on Facebook or at for more information.

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