Saturday , 25 September 2021

Glendon School lockdown, hold and secure lasts two hours: Northern Lights

A lockdown and hold-and-secure took place at Glendon School today for two hours.

Glendon School was locked down at 12:00pm today at the request of the RCMP who were dealing with a situation in the community, said Northern Lights Public Schools communications director Nicole Garner.

The hold and secure ended near 2:00pm this afternoon.

Lakeland Connect has reached out to Bonnyville RCMP and they will provide more details shortly.

Garner confirmed all students were safe during this period and the “vast majority of the time was spent in a hold and secure.”

A hold-and-secure means the exterior doors are still locked and access is restricted, however, school operations continue inside.

“We work pretty closely with them during these situations and we have that relationship that when they call when they think that’s necessary – that’s what we do,” said Garner.

“Kudos to all of the kids. They listened so well to the teachers. They did what they were supposed to do. They behaved really well in this situation and the staff as well, just amazing conduct during the entire situation.”

UPDATE 4:19pm

Bonnyville RCMP Sgt. Kim Hillier said Police Dog Services attended the scene to apprehend a suspect wanted on outstanding warrants.

The incident was roughly a block and a half away from Glendon School and the suspect was brandishing a knife when RCMP members contained them in the bushes until Police Dog Services arrived.

The incident had nothing to do directly with the school, said Hillier.

“We didn’t want to put anyone in any type of danger if he was desperate enough to get away from us, so I called for the school to go on lockdown,” said Sgt. Hillier.

Sgt. Hillier said the suspect had multiple outstanding warrants in Cold Lake and Bonnyville and more charges could be upcoming.

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