Thursday , 21 October 2021

Fellowship Alliance Church holding fun activities for Bonnyville youth

Are you looking for a safe place to send your children? Look no further than the Bonnyville Fellowship Alliance Church.

Every Thursday, the church, along with countless volunteers, hold a youth night.

Starting tonight, the church will hold a “Welcome to Youth Night Event” that includes pizza and a movie.

Jason Carroll has been the leader of the weekly youth group for three years.

The group meets from 6:30pm to 9:00pm, which allows them to do a variety of fun and religious activities.

“Play some games, have a nice homemade snack, spend time doing youth-based bible study, and do some fellowship time,” said Carroll.

The games vary between pure fun and fun combined with some religious studies.

For example, the group enjoys playing the game of Nine Square.

“There are nine squares, in the air, and what you’re trying to do is to keep the ball up in the air, but defend your square that you’re standing in, so the ball doesn’t come through and land on the ground,” explained Carroll.

Whatever the case, the Fellowship Alliance Church will find an enjoyable activity to entertain children from Grade 7 to Grade 12.

Fellowship time allows kids to interact with each other, outside of what could be considered a stressful school-based setting.

Within the youth group and the church, the leaders plan exciting events that will happen outside of the church itself.

The Youth Leaders have a Christmas party planned which will include a trip to the pool, pizza, and a five-dollar gift exchange.

In the new year, the group plans to travel to Caronport, Saskatchewan for a youth retreat.

Youth night allows kids to be expressive and make new friends in a safe environment and is also free of charge.

All youths are welcome every Thursday at 6:30pm at the Fellowship Alliance Church.

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