Friday , 9 June 2023

GREY MATTER PODCAST: Stella Morabito explains how Weaponized Loneliness is destroying our country

In this episode, Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Stella Morabito have a conversation about an experiment that illustrated the human response to group influence and mob mentality, her study of foreign propaganda and its influence on shaping and influencing culture on a global scale, and the role of identity politics in the current media warfare.

Stella writes about society, culture and education. Her essays have appeared in The Federalist, Washington Examiner, American Thinker, Public Discourse, Human Life Review, and New Oxford Review.

In her previous work as an intelligence analyst, Morabito focused on various aspects of Russian and Soviet politics, including communist media and propaganda. She has always shown a fascination with the phenomenon of political correctness and has written extensively on these topics.

Stella studied the history of communism and totalitarianism and the intense propaganda campaigns that labelled independent thinkers as “non-persons.” She found that as distrust and fear take root, people allow themselves to be sorted, hoping for safety. Instead, they become even more isolated from one another and vulnerable. Then they withdraw and cede their power in order to survive socially and physically (in that order.)

Stella’s blog, she writes, is an attempt to explore this reality, to dissect it, and to shed a little bit of light on it. She continues on to say that if we want to preserve freedom of expression and freedom of association, we’d best face these facts head on. Her desire to share her writings is to help illuminate the connection between human bonding and power.

Morabito and Grey take a deep dive into the world of mental warfare and how people in positions of power deploy very specific tactics to divide and conquer the population, how the current narrative around gender identity has been actively distorting language to further a nefarious agenda, and some of the things we can do as individuals to combat these negative forces in our lives.

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Experimenter – Official Trailer



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