Wednesday , 6 July 2022

École Voyageur students asks city council for recycle pickup

École Voyageur students are looking for a helping hand from the city to be green.

Cecelia Dawn-Vardy and Layla Rooney presented a delegation to Cold Lake city council on Tuesday asking to get their paper and cardboard recycling picked up at the school by the City. 

“We are one of the few schools in the district that does our own recycling,” they said during the meeting. 

“Right now at our school, it is thanks to one of our staff members, Mme Marie-Pierre, that we recycle paper, cardboard, etcetera. The students collect the recycling from the classes once a week and then sorts them, so she can then bring them to the recycling station.

“We would appreciate it if the city could come and pick up our recycling once a week.”

During their presentation, the girls said the school produces about 60 to 70 kilograms of paper recycling a week. 

Mayor Craig Copeland said Cecelia and Layla did a great job bringing this to council’s attention and they’ll make a plan.

“The idea is that our trucks would come along and pick up the recycling once a week at the school and in all the other schools in Cold Lake. So they did a great presentation and council will look at it at the next corporate priorities to see what would it take for our staff to go around and pick up recycling and collect at all the schools,” said Copeland on The Morning After. 

Copeland also suggested that they could pickup cans and bottles from the students as well.

“At École Voyageur, we take the environment and the effect it has on other’s very seriously, and we want to do our part in saving and helping our planet.”

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