Tuesday , 21 March 2023

Graduation Bucks a gift from the Town to grads

Bonnyville graduates will put some different bucks in their wallets and purses after throwing off their caps. 

The Town of Bonnyville is running a “Graduation Bucks” campaign again for those Grade 12 students. 

How it works is the town partners with local businesses to create gift vouchers that will be included in the graduating student’s card they receive at grad. 

It’s the second year the town is doing the campaign. 

“It was definitely born during the time of COVID,” said Mayor Elisa Brosseau on The Morning After.  

“It was the time when local businesses were struggling and graduation was coming up. And typically we give a card and I think a Town of Bonnyville pin to the grads, and we wanted to come up with a new initiative that would help inject money back into our local businesses.” 

Currently six businesses, A-OK Shoes and Key Men’s Apparel, Mr. Mike’s Steakhouse Casual, Sick Cycles Inc., Booster Juice, Tercier Motors, and Bonnyville Dodge have registered for the program.

Each grad will receive a voucher for $20.22, and each year moving forward, the dollar figure will reflect the year of the graduate.

The cost of the program works out to $4,000.

“They can spend it in local businesses, and then that business can come back to the Town of Bonnyville. And we will essentially pay them [businesses] for those vouchers,” said Brosseau. 

Town council agreed to move forward again in 2022 with Graduation Bucks at Tuesday’s council meeting.

In council notes, the program promotes local business, which correlates with the town’s Value-Added Services priority.

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