Monday , 28 November 2022

Spring cleanup happening in May in the Town of St. Paul

Are you a resident of St. Paul who has some unwanted appliances that contain Freon? The Town of St. Paul is holding a Spring cleanup in May to rid these unwanted eyesores

Residents can dispose of air conditioning units, dehumidifiers, freezers, fridges, and water coolers that contain Freon without paying the $20 Freon removal fee during May Spring Cleanup.

The fee waiver is valid only during May Spring Cleanup.

Items should be taken to the County of St. Paul, Town of St. Paul, Town of Elk Point, or the Evergreen Regional Waste Management Transfer Stations.

“Every year we do this,” Mayor Maureen Miller told Lakeland Connect on the Morning After segment. “You can drop off at our transfer station, the county, the town, or Evergreen”

The Mayor encourages residents to drop off anything that involves Freon.

“Normally throughout the rest of the year, you would have to pay $20 to drop that fridge off or whatever you have,” Mayor Miller said. “But for May, we list that fee and it enables us to just gather those products and have a one-time pickup and it works for our residents and it works for us.”

The Mayor said last year went really well despite the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presented.

“We expanded it last year just due to COVID for people getting in and out,” Mayor Miller said.

The Mayor would like residents to “Take advantage” of the free service and help clean up the Town of St. Paul.

For locations and hours of the Transfer Stations see www.evergreenwaste.ca or the County of St. Paul Facebook or website under Waste Management.

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