Friday , 27 May 2022

The City of Cold Lake is conducting a municipal census

The City of Cold Lake is conducting a municipal census from May 2 to June 15, 2022.

It is important that all Cold Lake residents submit their census information to ensure the most accurate representation of their community and the people who live there, said Mayor Craig Copeland.

“The census is extremely important so we capture all residents of our City,” Copeland said. “Having accurate population figures helps in provincial and federal grant funding.”

This information also gives private investors real data on the City of Cold Lake’s population, he added.

The City uses data collected in the municipal census to plan for the future needs of their growing and diverse city.

Census data is used to deliver a wide range of municipal services including schools, roads, recreational facilities, emergency services and major infrastructure. It helps guide their Capital Projects and ensures the most appropriate use of public resources and taxpayer dollars.

Looking for historical data from past municipal censuses? Find it here.

Residents are reminded to keep an eye out for your municipal census in the near future and help the city grow into a place you’re proud of.

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