Friday , 9 June 2023

Furniture Galaxy donates use of truck to Cold Lake Food Bank to help hungry people

Furniture Galaxy has been a part of the Lakeland for 30 years and continues to make a difference for those in need

One of the most recent acts of kindness to give back to the community was a donation to the Cold Lake Food Bank.

Furniture Galaxy donated the use of their truck to help deliver food to those in need.

“We give to the food bank and we always donate cash value throughout the year because they can use that cash to process and purchase what they need,” Teegan Murphy from Furniture Galaxy told Lakeland Connect. “But the biggest thing that we did this year was they didn’t have a way to transport food.”

Murphy says, the Cold Lake Food Bank doesn’t have a truck to transport food and no one else stepped up to help solve the problem.

“So we donated the use of our cube truck for an entire week for them so that they could take that food and distributed it correctly,” Murphy said. “Plus with the size of our truck, they have the ease of moving food without a whole bunch of pickup trucks. You can do it in a cube van and it keeps it safe, and keeps it cold with the weather.”

Murphy says he didn’t mind lending his truck to the Cold Lake Food Bank for an entire week and hopes to help again in the future.

“We were able to use our resources so they could keep the ruck for an entire week so they can distribute food more effectively,” Murphy concluded.

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