Sunday , 29 May 2022

Bonnyville creates a new 2022-2031 Strategic Plan with Bloom Municipal Centre for Education

on January 25, the Bloom Centre for Municipal Education Associate, Wayne Rothe, presented to Council the Town of Bonnyville’s new strategic plan for consideration and approval.

Mr. Rothe stated, “developing a strategic plan is the most important thing that Council does, and this plan represents Council’s vision for the community”.

Council voted unanimously to approve the plan.

Bonnyville Council and Administration are pleased to announce the release of the 2022-2031 Strategic Plan. The goal of this strategic plan is to sustain Bonnyville’s family-friendly lifestyle and vibrant community atmosphere while continuing to build a strong economic climate that is welcoming to new and current entrepreneurs.

“Our vision is to foster a high quality of life in Bonnyville that welcomes new residents and allows businesses to thrive,” says Council.

The strategic planning process involved reviewing the challenges and potential for the community and the needs of the residents and businesses. Council and Administration considered the importance of long-term sustainability, operational capacity, and unique financial constraints and opportunities. The result is support for the strategic objectives that will enable short-term solutions and the long-term vision for the Town of Bonnyville.

Mayor Brosseau stated “We really had a great strategic process, and it was exciting to see as a council how our priorities really meshed and that our values were so closely aligned!”

The strategic plan prioritizes five focus areas for this ten-year strategic plan: economic growth, recreation and wellness, communication strategy, value added services, and service excellence.

Each of these priorities is supported by objectives that lay the foundation for action.

“Our strategy plan values leadership, achievement, and collaboration,” says Council.

The Strategic Plan will be available on the Town Website.

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