Friday , 28 January 2022

Tow Truck Driver struck by passing vehicle while attending to an accident

A tow truck operator was struck by a passing vehicle on Friday evening around 7:15pm on Highway 28 near Range Road 482.

Station 3 Glendon and Station 5 Bonnyville were on the scene, as they had responded to a three vehicle collision.

A tow truck operator was attempting to hook up to a pickup truck when a passing pickup clipped the operator. The operator was transported to Bonnyville Health Centre via EMS.


This incident highlights the importance of people being careful while passing active emergency,” states Regional Fire Chief Dan Heney.


Motorists are reminded to slow down to 60 kms an hour when passing an emergency scene. Speed fines double for those who fail to adhere to the limits.

Always use caution and be aware of the on scene crews.

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