Friday , 21 January 2022

Local female wins Miss Alberta Job’s Daughter 2021-2022 title.

Alberta Job’s Daughters, a youth leadership group for females aged 10 to 20 years old, held their annual pageant to select their new representative.

For the first time in their 58 year history in Alberta, an 18 year old Lakelander, Angelia Goguen, won the title after several days of competitions. Ms. Goguen has been a member of Job’s Daughters since 2014 and has held many local and international positions including being representative to Alagoas, Brazil in 2015 and Rhondonia, Brazil in 2017 and is the current international Chaplain. In an organization that teaches females public speaking, budget management, how to participate and chair meetings using Robert’s Rules of Order – the only limitation you will find is the ones you place on yourself.

The Miss Alberta Job’s Daughter pageant is a competition for members that allows the young ladies involved to take another step toward becoming confident leaders. Unlike any other pageant – the organizations’ pageants are knowledge based and have nothing to do with the competitors physical appearance other than the way they carry themselves during the competition.

The competition encourages young women to find their strengths and display leadership qualities through a written test, in-person interview, public speaking from which they are judged verbatim on their speech and includes an impromptu question that challenges them on maintaining their composure while adapting under pressure.

The competition is normally held at their annual provincial rally, however; this year due to covid restrictions the event took place via zoom. This allowed international visitors to attend and in fact, the judges involved were the current Miss International Job’s Daughter from Australia, the current Supreme Bethel Honored Queen from Wisconsin and Supreme Guardian from Michigan.

The newly crowned Miss Alberta Job’s Daughter will invest the next year travelling throughout this jurisdiction and the Western region as an ambassador for the order. Her duties shall include attending various meetings and social engagements promoting Job’s Daughters. The position also obligates her to compete in the Miss International Job’s Daughters competition held in Port Huron, Michigan in July 2022.

Job’s Daughters is an international organization that was founded in 1920 with over 20,000 members from Canada, US, Brazil, Australia and the Philippines and is the second largest international youth group for girls. Famous Job’s Daughters alumni include Kim Cattrall (Sex & the City, Star Trek VI), Debbie Reynolds (actress & singer), Jennilee Harrison (Three’s Company, That 70s Show), Aimee Teegarden (Friday Night Lights) to name but a few.

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