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Brian McEvoy seeking re-election to Town of Bonnyville Council

Councillor Brian McEvoy is seeking re-election for the Town of Bonnyville Council.

McEvoy is no stranger to the Lakeland Region; Brian has lived in Bonnyville since 1996 and believes being involved in the community he cares about is of the utmost importance. He has been involved in the community as a volunteer with local boards and youth groups since 1996.

McEvoy served as Regional Fire Chief for 23 years and was first elected to the Town of Bonnyville Council on October 16, 2017. He has over 34 years of experience working with, and for Governments at both the Provincial and Municipal levels and has participated in several Provincial and National committees including the Chair of an Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Standards Committee and the President of the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association.

McEvoy says, “Over the last four years. It’s been a very interesting term. There’s been an awful lot that’s happened in the term and a lot that’s been accomplished.”

“Most of it around inter-municipal agreements and finance, and that has got the town set to move forward in the future. The work that Council and administration of the town has done will enable the community to move forward addressing many of the concern’s residents have had over the last few years; such as adding sidewalks and trails to improve safety and walkability. This year the biggest complaint we are getting at the Town is every street is under construction as we maintain our infrastructure and build new infrastructure.”

Building for the future McEvoy says in a town he dearly loves.

“I’ve been in town here for 26 years. Originally from the Lakeland area. Born awful close to the middle of the last century,” McEvoy told Lakeland Connect. “I’ve been involved in a lot of things in this community, one of the things my parents taught me as a youngster was, if you’re going to live in a community, you have to be part of the community, and I’ve made that my life credo.”

McEvoy says it’s why he spent five years on the Lakeland Community Development Corporation as Chair of the Lending Committee. However, his list of community involvement doesn’t end here, he also spent 14 years with the local Sea Cadet Corps.

“That’s how I’ve always participated in communities, is to be involved, and I hope that when the call for committee members comes out for this Fall, people take that as a way of getting involved; Because the more involved you are in a community, the better you know it, and the better off the community is.”

One committee McEvoy has sat on is the pool committee in the Town of Bonnyville.

“We have a very large or very loud lobby group for a new pool. We do need to address recreation in this community,” McEvoy said as he agreed that the Town of Bonnyville needs a new swimming pool.

“It’s not just young families,” McEvoy said that use the pool. “There’s a lot of seniors that use it. There’s a lot of adults who use it for everything from lane swimming, aquasize and so forth. Moving forward, we must do one of two things. We either have to, in conjunction with the MD, build a brand-new swimming pool, preferably attached to the C2 Centre which is a jointly owned facility, or we need to take the equivalent amount of money and put it into the existing Bonnyville swimming pool.”

McEvoy says he has a preference for a new pool in the Town of Bonnyville.

“The new Council will continue negotiations with the M.D., that will dictate whether we get a brand-new pool, or we invest the equivalent amount of money into upgrading the existing one,” McEvoy said. “I have a preference for a new pool, but I do understand that we can’t just stay status quo.”

On October 18, vote Brian McEvoy for the Town of Bonnyville Council.

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