Thursday , 21 October 2021

Portage College implements Mandatory Vaccine Program

Portage College implemented a policy Wednesday that will require employees, students and visitors to be fully vaccinated by November 30. The policy, similar to others adopted by post-secondary institutions across Alberta, will require anyone who is eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine to provide proof of vaccination in order to attend any of Portage’s campuses.

“Our main intent is to provide a safe work and learning environment,” said President and CEO Nancy Broadbent. “With low rural vaccination rates and COVID-19 cases steadily increasing, the College felt it necessary to do its part to protect community members.”

We will have a vaccine registration and exemption process launched next week. Students and staff will have the ability to provide a proof of a negative rapid testing until the end of the current academic semester. More details will be released to students, faculty and staff in the coming days.

“We recognize that for some this is difficult news and I ask for understanding,” said Broadbent. “We are doing our best to navigate through this challenging situation and ensure that our employees, our students and visitors to Portage College remain as safe as possible.”

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