Thursday , 18 August 2022

M.D. of Bonnyville greenlights recreational trails project

During the February 17, 2021 Council Meeting, Council passed motion for Administration to proceed with the completion of approximately 22 kilometers of semi-developed and natural trails in the M.D. of Bonnyville.

As part of that 2021 Recreational Trails Project RFD, Council was informed that the total length may vary depending on engineering requirements, tender submissions, and budget limitations, and that trails would be developed to the semi-developed trail standard and natural trail standard as per policy.

The total potential trail distance was initially determined utilizing previous quotes and work on standard paved pathways undertaken by the M.D. and through high level estimates from contractors.

Administration advised Council of the current status of the project and the estimated costs based on the received cost estimates from the design and engineering firm which considered the following while developing them:

  • Recent similar work and those related costs
  • Design and engineering requirements
  • Wetlands and water crossings
  • Land acquisition
  • Geotechnical requirements
  • Subgrade development.

“Based on this information, the firm estimates if all 22 km were to be completed, the cost would be $2.42 million,” Caroline Palmer, General Manager of Planning and Community Services told the M.D. Council. “The remaining 2021 budgeted funding after design, survey and engineering for construction will be roughly $738,000. This budget may complete up to 5-6 kms of trail.”

Council directed staff to apply for the Canada Community Revitalization Fund grant offered through Western Economic Diversification Canada. If successful, the M.D. would use this grant money to build trails, as per the Trails Master Plan attached to the Recreation Master Plan.

The grant could provide up to 75 percent of project costs, to a maximum of $750,000. Council also agreed to tender out three, six-kilometre trail projects — Fort Kent/Moose Lake, Moose Lake, and Cherry Grove — for construction in the fall.

Projects will be chosen, greenlighted, and completed based on budget availability.

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