Saturday , 27 November 2021

Anonymous $300,000 gift given to Lakeland College

Thanks to a $300,000 gift, from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous to Leading. Learning. The Lakeland Campaign, Sustainable energy and sustainable agriculture programming and research are growing at Lakeland College.
The gift will help rebrand Lakeland’s renewable energy and conservation program. It launched in 2008 and was Canada’s first online certificate and diploma-level program focused on renewable energy.
“With input from industry, we developed four new courses and renamed our programming. The certificate program is now sustainable energy and the diploma option is sustainable energy technology,” Mal Dissanayake, manager of engineering technology and renewable energy at Lakeland College said. “Our sustainable energy programming is poised to play a critical role in today’s economy by preparing workers for careers in the burgeoning sustainable energy sector.”
The majority of courses for the programs will continue to be offered online. The diploma program concludes with an onsite lab at Lakeland’s Research Centre at the Vermilion campus.
The funding will also create bursaries for sustainable energy students. “This generous gift will help us educate the future leaders and innovators in sustainable energy technologies,” he says.
Another development is the creation of sustainable energy technology micro-credentials to help people develop new competencies – an initiative the Government of Alberta is supporting. “This training will be easily accessible to unemployed or under-employed workers,” says Dissanayake.

Sustainable agriculture

The gift from the anonymous donor also supports the development of courses and bursaries for Lakeland’s agricultural sustainability diploma program that starts this fall at the Vermilion campus.
“The three pillars of sustainability – economic, environmental and social – can only be accomplished by attracting and training students who are passionate about agriculture and can think critically and problem solve. We’re so appreciative of this funding which will help us develop these students,” says Geoff Brown, dean of agricultural sciences and environmental sciences at Lakeland College.
A portion of the funding will support sustainable energy and agriculture research initiatives.
Gifts to Leading. Learning. The Lakeland Campaign. ensure the problem solvers, innovators, leaders, and hard workers continue to benefit from the highest quality education, leadership and research opportunities. The campaign concludes June 30.
To be part of this historic campaign, visit lakelandcollege.ca/leading-learning or contact Stacey Ruller at [email protected].

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