Saturday , 25 September 2021
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Bonnyville raised cowboy set to release new single

On June 4, Bonnyville’s Robert Adam will release “Let’s Do This Again” from his upcoming EP “Baby Blue.”

“Let’s Do This Again” will be his first release since 2017, bringing with it brand new visuals and production, inviting the listener to the multi-dimensional world Adam has created for his fanbase.

Hailed for his angelic, inviting presence, he is known for breaking barriers between generations.

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He was born in Vermilion and raised in the small town of Bonnyville but Robert Adam now calls Calgary home. As a heavy-duty mechanic by day and a heavy-duty vocalist by night, one thing is guaranteed, he is the most gritty, pretty cowboy you’ve seen.

“I was born into a pretty redneck family and spent a lot of time in the outdoors, hunting, quading, and on my grandparent’s farm in Vermilion,” Adam told Lakeland Connect. “I started writing and playing music very young at about 12 and at first used it to cope with being the target of much negativity and judgment.”

Sporting western Canada’s iconic white Stetson and illuminated in rodeo crystal, Robert Adam crafts records with reverent respect for traditional country music, while infusing an accessible, modern tone.

He can also pull a “lewk” Adam says as he designs, sews, and rhinestones his own clothes.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Adam, but he has preserved despite challenges in his career to live his dream of being a music star.

“Since I not only was a queer person in a rural small town but I had a rare vocal disorder which caused my voice to delay lowering until 21,” Adam said. “I spent some time in Ontario to find myself apart from my upbringing and recorded my first EP Prairie Gold. As I grew older and fully realized myself and my music I realized where one comes from is a huge part of who they are and moved back to Alberta, where I was met with welcoming arms from the Alberta country industry.”

Adam has real grit and he can pull a wrench. He isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty even though some people say he is a sentimental sweetheart.

“To support my music I went to school for heavy-duty mechanics and graduated with honours in the Diesel Equipment Technician program at The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology,” Adam said. “People don’t often assume things like this at first glance of my rhinestoned stage presence, but I have more Alberta grit than people would think.”

Adam is currently working on his new album and will be releasing his new single “Let’s Do This Again” on June 4.

His new tune captures the youthful energy of a crush at first sight. The record glows with sweetheart vocals, lush strings, “Carpenter’s” style backup vocals, and other angelic dreamy textures.

“Let’s Do This Again” is not only reminiscent of cuttin’ a rug to Glen Campbell Adam says, it boldly holds its weight in the frontier of modern country. It combines feelings of young spontaneous love at the town social, with the intimacy of human connection.

“My music has been described as classic 70’s inspired country mixed with a modern inclusivity that invites every type of country person to the table,” Adam said. “I’m here to respect the tradition of country music storytelling but revive it for a new generation.”

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