Monday , 21 June 2021

Rogers speaks on new 5G cell tower in Vermilion

Rogers Communications has erected a new tower along Railway Avenue in Vermilion.

When in-service, the site is said to provide improved wireless service including 5G coverage to the community.

“Rogers built a tower in Vermilion to improve coverage in the area for customers,” said Lisha Hassanali, Public Affairs Manager for Rogers Communications in Alberta and the Prairies.

“Keeping them connected to what matters most, whether chatting with friends and family, keeping up with emails and work documents, ordering dinner through an app or streaming the latest series.”

Rogers says the technology will improve the lives of Canadians, changing the way they live, work, and play. They will be updating customers on coverage locally and across the country as they expand their 5G network.

Meanwhile, some Vermilion residents have taken to the internet to voice their concerns about 5G in the community. Their reservations are based upon feelings that there is inadequate research and prospective long term health effects that come with 5G technology, as well as feeling that they were not notified.

Others feel there are other providers with 5G service already active in the community, and that the project had been previously advertised.

“5G will introduce new capabilities that are significantly more advanced than previous generations of wireless technology and will open up a world of possibilities,” said Hassanali.

Rogers plans to use 5G in healthcare for doctors to conduct real-time patient monitoring in remote areas, or even completing remote surgery with 5G robotics.

They want to encourage the agriculture industry to utilize 5G, and say that with wireless sensors monitoring soil conditions, people can create better food and produce production, essentially saving farmers time and money.

Rogers also says that with 5G, everyone will have to opportunity to experience lag-free gaming and video calls.

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