Saturday , 8 May 2021

Back to school kits meant to inspire in Lac La Biche

New Life Victory Church is finding a way to encourage students who are going back to school for the first time since March.

During the pandemic, Sonia Vien, Children’s Ministry Director at New Life Victory Church, has been creating kits for special occasions to cheer up families that go to their church.

From Mother’s Day kits to gardening kits to Easter baskets, Vien naturally wanted to do something while the children transition into school again.

“I decided to do back to school kits because it is a stressful time for a lot of families and they are also going back into school in such a weird environment,” said Vien. 

The school system is going to look different. With added health protocols, masks for Grade 4-12 students, and self-assessment checks, some students are nervous to start the new school year.

“I talked to a couple of students, and some of them are kind of anxious because they just don’t know what to expect, and with everyone talking around them about COVID-19 and the changes, it can be stressful,” said Vien.

The school kits are free and they contain school supplies, candy, and colouring pages. There are also quotes to help the students during a potentially difficult time.

“I put encouraging things in there too to make the kids feel more uplifted and joyful,” said Vien.

“It’s hard for kids to have so much structure because they are very free and creative and that’s how they learn and grow.”

Vien has made extra kits in case anyone wants one last minute. To get a back to school kit, call 780-623-7600.

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