Saturday , 12 June 2021
Stuart MacPherson Public Library in Lac La Biche

Summer Reading Club wrap up party next week

The TD Summer Reading Club is hosting their fifth annual wrap up party next Wednesday.

The wrap-up party is commencing the two-month Summer Reading program which aimed to help children improve their reading skills.

This year, the party is going to be virtual, so families that want to participate have to pick up their wrap up party package at the Stuart MacPherson Public Library.

“Usually the party is in person and we have games, snacks, beverages and we have prizes,” said Katie Blair, circulation clerk at Stuart MacPherson.

“This year is different because I have to have all of their games and things like that in individual packages.”

Once families have their packages, they can log onto Zoom at 2:00pm on August 26 to play the games virtually.

Some of the games that will be in the packages include Bingo, a scavenger hunt, and scattergories. There will also be prizes like books and gift cards.

The wrap up party is for people of all ages, and Blair says it can be an entertaining way to end the summer.

“All of our programs are family-friendly, so it doesn’t matter if you are 65, or you’re 6, or you’re 16 it’s for everyone,” said Blair.

It’s a fun thing to do during the summer, you can do it at home you can do it at your leisure.”

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