Saturday , 18 September 2021

Portage Pool opening next week

The pool at Portage College’s Lac La Biche campus will be re-opening back up on Tuesday.

Now there is a limit of 70 people that will be able to access the pool at any given time, people have to reserve their spot before they show up at the pool, as well as filling out a COVID-19 questionnaire to judge if they are fit to use the facility.

Other new protocols patrons of the pool must follow involve a limited use of the locker room and lockers, and for those that want to use pool toys, they must bring their own clean pool toys.

Swimming lessons will also be starting up again and people can begin to register for those on August 4, as well.

Teachers will be instructing the class from the side of the pool so children at a pre-school level must have someone over the age of 16 assisting them while in the pool.

Residents can now view the new relaunch hours and schedule on the Bold Center’s website.

Anyone that wishes to use the pool must book a time slot in advance by calling the Portage College pool number at (780) 623-6777.

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