Thursday , 17 June 2021

Cold Lake RCMP lends a hand to Elizabeth

Equipment worth $160,000

Cold Lake RCMP officers assisted residents of the Elizabeth Metis Settlement (EMS) with the unloading and installation of sporting equipment in an effort to build positive relations between the two.

Corporal Marie-Eve Mackenzie-Plante, the acting Detachment Commander, along with Corporal Susan Harper, “K” Division Indigenous Policing Services (IPS), were the officers present, and assisted in unloading approximately $160,000 worth of sporting equipment donated by Sport Central Association.

Sport Central provides resources, instructors, and information to help enable more children in need across the country to participate in sports activities and have access to the benefits physical activity has to offer to human development and health.

Alvina Desjarlais, EMS Community Service Employee, was supported by “K” Division IPS to initiate the application for the sports equipment.

“The biggest impact of this donation is that kids will have the opportunity to participate rather than looking from the side lines,” said Desjarlais.

Youth leader James Cardinal was also in attendance along with “Caring for Future Leaders”.

“The Baseball and Volleyball equipment is a great contribution for our community youth as there is lots of interest in these sports,” said Cardinal

According to Don MacDonald “Sport Central Association’s vision is to ensure no youth miss out on sports due to lack of gear.”

“There is nothing better than to invest in the youth and provide a positive outlet for energy, creativity and team building,”  States Cpl. Mackenzie-Plante “The RCMP was very excited to participate in this event.”

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