Wednesday , 28 July 2021

Grade six student becomes Mayor for the Day in Elk Point

Image: Left – CAO Ken Gwozdz (left) Duanne Rivera (right). Right – Mayor Lorne Young (left) Duanne Rivera (right).

Cheque signing, town inspections, meeting attendance and proclamations were all part of the job for Mayor for a Day Duanne Rivera.

Duanne joined Elk Point town council for their November 25th meeting and participated in official duties after being selected from a group of grade six students. Duanne was appointed to the position after his essay was chosen from entries submitted by grade six students at Elk Point Elementary School.

Duanne shadowed Elk Point Mayor Lorne Young in his duties around town and ended the day attending the regular council meeting where he took an oath of office.

In his essay, Duanne asked a number of questions about the mayor’s job, wondering, “what it is like to make a decision for the whole town and what’s going to happen if the town doesn’t like the things that happen?”.

Deputy Mayor Terri Hampson appreciated the youngster’s understanding that it’s hard to make decisions that are unpopular.

As part of his official duties, the six grader signed a cheque for $500 to be donated to the Winterland Invitational hockey tournament to be held on the Family Day weekend in support of Ronald McDonald House.

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