City will kick in nearly $1M of province’s share if Kinosoo Beach grant is approved

Improvements to Kinosoo Beach in the first and second phase.

The City of Cold Lake has heard they are still in the running for a federal grant on the next enhancements to Kinosoo Beach but will have use money they receive from the province to stay in the running.

In 2018, the city filed for the federal government’s ICIP (Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program) grant for the third phase of the Kinosoo Beach project.

But if the project gets approved, Cold Lake will have to use roughly $1 million dollars they already get from the province through the Municipal Sustainability Initiative.

“We have an opportunity to get 40 cent dollars from the feds and the City would cough in the rest. It’s not what we want to do – we only wanted to cough in a third – but when you get a chance to get 40 cent dollars – let’s keep it going,” said Mayor Craig Copeland on the Morning After last Wednesday.

The Morning After with the Mayor of the City of Cold Lake Craig Copeland.

Posted by Lakeland Connect on Wednesday, August 14, 2019


This phase of Kinosoo Beach improvements would focus on the east side.

It includes boardwalks, an amphitheater, umbrella-like structures, hills for laying opportunities, and more walking trail amenities, said CAO Kevin Nagoya.

The grant is broken down so that the federal government will pay for 40 per cent, the provincial government pays a third, and Cold Lake would pay the remaining 27 per cent.

The project is slated at $3 million with the City setting aside $800,100 in the 2019 budget as part of the grant.

Although the province’s decision annoyed some of city council, last Tuesday they decided to move an additional $199,800 in MSI grant money towards the project, so that the grant could be sent for a final look from the feds.

“Basically they’re using our money to cough in their portion of the application grant. You can sit there and complain, but bottom line if someone is going to give you 40 cents, you keep the project going…we’re not happy about it. But it is what it is.

“We’re showing interest that we will pony up the rest of the money and we’ll see. It’s a great project. It will really finish off the rest of the beach.”

If the grant application is successful, the City would have to budget an additional $800,000 next year to get the project done.

Mayor Copeland said the city has been fortunate with other recent grants.

“We’ve been really lucky lately. The transit buses, the province and the feds have kicked in on money. We’ve had a lot of big wins. Hopefully, this will continue the trend.”