Friday , 3 July 2020

A Prideful Day in Cold Lake

The Pride Day event took place this past Saturday at Kinosoo Beach Cold Lake. Lakeland LGBT2+ Committee member, Jacques Price said the event was a great way for the community to come together and celebrate inclusion for all.

“We’re celebrating not being in the closet anymore and not having tied ourselves, not having to be afraid anymore,” said Price.

Pride had been held in Cold Lake for a few years before taking a hiatus in 2017. Hosting the event again this year was a great way for the committee to reignite interest in the efforts of the members of the LGBT2+ community. Price said the committee hopes to host more events to celebrate inclusion and pride.

“The group this year did an amazing job. It’s great to see so many people come out and to be proud of being a part of an all-inclusive community. The city council is proud to be involved,” said Mayor of Cold Lake, Craig Copeland.

There were many fun activities for all ages at the beach, including various games, merchandise tables, face paintings, music from the 4 Wing band and a barbecue.

In a touching display, there was a flag you could sign that would all be donated to the Youth Centre. People could also receive free mom hugs.

Cold Lake City Hall had a special Pride flag raising on June 24th showing that the council and mayor of Cold Lake also support the LGBT2+ community in the Lakeland area. The flag waved at City Hall until July 8th.

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