Sr. Pontiacs searching for players

Image credit: http://gamereadyphotography.com

The Bonnyville Sr. Pontiacs are looking for players.

The Sr. Pontiacs are reaching out via social media to hockey players over the age of 18 to gauge their interest in playing for the team in 2019-20.

Otherwise, the team could fold.

Coach Corey Wandler said they want to have an idea of how many players they could have by July 7 when the North Central Hockey League sets their schedule.

“We want to know basically where we stand as a team. Do we have the commitment as a team, or should we not even waste our time and tell them not to put us into the scheduling. So just kind of putting some feelers out there, and trying to see what we can build for next year,” said Wandler.

The Pontiacs struggled last season at times with their roster size and finished last in the league last year at 3-13.

A core of 8-12 committed players would make the Sr. Pontiacs board and Wandler more comfortable going into next season, he said.

“Obviously, our goal is to have a team on the ice come October for the start of the season. But if the numbers aren’t going to be there for us, we’re not going to go ahead and try to get a team when it’s just not possible,” said Wandler.

The first game of the 2019-20 season is in October.

If you’re interested, call Corey Wandler at 780-645-8571.