Sunday , 2 October 2022

Ardmore construction work to continue on 48th Ave; a full plan coming to council later

Construction work in Ardmore will continue this year.

The M.D. of Bonnyville approved the bid for $1.7 million in work on 48th Ave north which involves 1.1 kilometres of asphalt paving including curb, gutter, and sidewalk.

The idea to add an additional 900 metres of paving on 47 Ave has been put on hold until the looping of the regional waterline between 47 Ave and 48 Ave.

“This phase is a continuation of the work that was done on the east side last year. The underground portion was done and now it’s time for people to get back their streets. They’ll get their pavement back and their sidewalk and curb. It will be nice to have that area cleaned up,” said Reeve Greg Sawchuk.

Administration presented an overview to council about the work that’s been to water, sewage, surface, and underground drainage in Ardmore since 2013.

The Ardmore improvements have cost over $18 million total with the approval of Phase 6 at Wednesday’s council meeting.

“As far as the whole of Ardmore goes, it has been a long process. We saw the final cost. It’s over $16 million has been spent so far and there’s still more to come. But I think it gives council an appreciation for what the town and the city have to go through as far all this underground infrastructure. Although we don’t see it, it’s very expensive to put it.

“It’s not pretty stuff but it’s work that has to be done,” said Sawchuk.

During the meeting, CAO Luc Mercier mentioned the coming infrastructure gap for municipalities everywhere and said the M.D. will have to take this consideration moving forward.

Although, if there will be work like this done across the M.D.’s hamlet and small communities is not planned.

“A part of this comes down to how they are developed,” said Sawchuk.

“The fact with Ardmore and Fort Kent, the housing is close so it makes sense to hook up water and sewer and storm drainage. Whereas if you start getting acreages, now the distances between services are much further and your cost per actual taxpayer has gone up.

“You start to reach that point where your gain for putting in these services is not equal to the people you’re servicing. It gets tougher as the acreages get bigger.”

M.D. administration will review what future work needs to be done in Ardmore and will provide a full plan back to council.

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