4 Wing conducts training exercise, explanation for recent sky noise

4 Wing air base in Cold Lake says they’ve been conducting training exercises the past two days, which was the cause of recent spikes in noise levels from the skies.

“On May 8 and 9th, 4 Wing Cold Lake conducted joint urban close air support training, over the City of Cold Lake.

“4 Wing is very mindful of our Lakeland community and want to apologize if this type of training caused any inconvenience or disruption to our neighboring community,” said Captain Julie Brunet, Public Affairs Officer, in an emailed statement.

“Always carefully planned and closely controlled to ensure public safety, this type of exercise is not uncommon practice in Canada or the U.S. For 4 Wing, it provided valuable and legitimate training, as objectives such as positive identification (or target acquisition), were accomplished in a complex, dynamic and realistic environment.

“Similar to real world operations, 4 Wing remains relevant and responsive to our modern combat fighter battlespace to ensure mission success. Conducting training in close air support or counter insurgency warfare is part of the Fighter Force mission set.”