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Madame Nadine embarks on new adventures in 2019

“Wow, what an experience!” proclaimed Nadine Friesen following her showing at Western Canada Fashion Week in Edmonton. The jewelry designer, known as Madame Nadine, recently took to the runway with her 2019 line and she went with a local model, Delaney Vincent.

“It is amazing to be able to do these things and have Delaney with me. She is just gorgeous!” Friesen said it’s important for her to be able to help other locals in the industry. One way is using local models when she can, like Delaney Vincent.

“I try as much as possible to find people from the area. There’s a lot of people and a lot of artists in the area; it’s important to collaborate with them,” explained the designer.

Sharing her story

The designer has opened up about her personal life and stepped outside her “comfort zone”, as she says and began speaking at various events. Most recently, she shared her story at the 2019 Cold Lake Women of Influence Awards.

“I was humbled by that and happy to be able to share my story.” Friesen was involved in a serious car accident years ago and carries the scars with her, both emotionally and physically. From opening up about her survival story she has help heal herself in ways she didn’t realize possible.

“People will say how lucky I am,” referring to the success she’s had with her designs, “that came with a price. I have a lot of background and a lot of baggage that I carry with me,” explained the designer.

“If I can share my accident and my life before, I will.” Friesen hopes by speaking her truth she will empower other women to see themselves beyond contemporary “beauty”.

She also hopes that by speaking to the younger generation that she can help. “They are always searching to look better, it is all about the physique.” Friesen hopes to show them there’s so much more, “I want to show them it’s about what’s inside, people are going to love you so much more.”

There has been some discussion about Friesen embarking on speaking engagements outside the Lakeland. “My goal is to empower women and show them there’s so much more than the outside.”

What’s next

Next up for the designer is a collaboration with Wine Knows, Amy Pilat. The pair will be hosting a wine tasting and jewelry design evening at Bean Trees Café on June 1st.

“I’ve been teaching people to make jewelry for a number of years. Now, I’m beginning to be more specific about what I want to make.” Friesen is known for her lace and beadwork style of jewelry.

You can find Madame Nadine’s designs on the lead actress in a movie that will be filmed in Cold Lake.

To see Madame Nadine’s latest collection visit https://www.madamenadine.com/

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