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Intermunicipal Crime Prevention Funding

Municipal District of Bonnyville Council agreed to support an Enhanced Policing Model Project for regional partners, and to review the implementation of a HUB Collaborative and Risk-Driven Community Safety Model as methods to reduce crime in the area. The funding for the regional crime prevention projects would come from the Improvement District 349 Agreement funding as a joint venture between all partners that requires Municipal Affairs approval. Council agreed to support funding a three-year regional Enhanced Policing Model, projected to cost $1.6 million. The project would be composed of three RCMP members and one support staff. The team would work throughout the region with all partners – the M.D., City of Cold Lake, Town of Bonnyville, Glendon, and the Elizabeth and Fishing Lake Metis Settlements. It would be an autonomous unit, supporting the efforts of the Regional Eastern Alberta District Rural Crime Detection Unit. Council also wants the partners to review the implementation of the HUB Collaborative Model that is a multi-agency approach to combat and reduce social issues that contribute to crime. The model has been effective in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.


Recreation Park Feasibility Study Contract Awarded

M.D. Council awarded the Recreation Park Facility Feasibility Study contract to RC Strategies + PERC for $24,945 to be funded from the Parks and Recreation Development Fund Restricted Surplus. The study will focus on the feasibility of developing an outdoor sports and recreation park west of Bonnyville near the intersection of Highway 28 and Township Road 611B. It will identify potential site amenities, costs, and provide information that can inform future planning and decision making.


VSI Program Renewed

Council agreed to renew the Veterinary Services Incorporated (VSI) Program for 2019. The VSI Program is designed to aide livestock producers and local veterinary services in rural areas. The program pays 50 percent of procedure fees, with the exception of medication. The program encourages more use of veterinarians to increase their practice and to encourage other vets to work in the large animal field. The program is only for farm operations within the M.D. and the services obtained must be from a qualified veterinarian. Estimated cost of the program is $107,000.


Cleaning Up

Public Safety Officers took action on an unsightly property in Ardmore. Despite it being winter, officers served the owner a Municipal Government Act Order to rectify the poor condition of the property. The owner, who resides in Edmonton, complied with the order, and over a two-week period, cleaned up the property to an acceptable standard. Officers responded to a few garbage dumping complaints in December. The garbage is cleaned up by Agriculture Services and then officers follow up on any useful information found in the garbage. In one situation, a bag seeping blood was found by a property owner adjacent to his approach. RCMP were contacted to make them aware of the situation, although the officer suspected the bag contained animal parts.


Mark Snow Fever On Your Calendar

Get outdoors and enjoy winter! Snow Fever is jointly hosted by the M.D. of Bonnyville, City of Cold Lake and 4 Wing from February 15 to 18. You don’t want to miss it. The event opens with a concert at the Cold Lake Energy Centre on Feb. 15. On Saturday, Feb. 16 Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort is hosting a multitude of events including kids’ entertainers and Canadian snowboarder Craig McMorris. Activities move to the Cold Lake Marina on Feb. 17 and then to 4 Wing on Feb. 18. Like the Snow Fever Facebook page for up-to-date information.  


Crime Prevention Program

The Crime Prevention Officer is hosting an Open House at the Beaverdam Community Hall on Thursday, January 17 at 7 p.m. He will be talking about preventing vehicle theft and the free Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) property surveys. Public Safety has been providing vacant home checks for M.D. residents who are away. During the Christmas season 10 homes were on the list, with more calls coming in for checks in 2019. Officers responded to a number of requests for patrols in various rural community areas, putting in extra patrol time in those locations. Residents made the request after observing unknown vehicles driving around, or seeing suspicious people in the area. Officers conducted a joint traffic operation with the Bonnyville RCMP along the Gurneyville Road. The Checkstop Operation checked driver and vehicle documentation. Public Safety representatives met with the Cold Lake RCMP on several occasions in December to formulate a plan on improving cooperation and information sharing. One project is to provide local tactical and strategic analytical support to their operations in 2019. Officers attended a number of break-ins into M.D. buildings during December. Most notable was the Beaver Crossing Grader Shop and the La Corey Grader Shop. In these cases, the worst damage was caused by the actual break-in.


Public Auction Conditions Approved

Council approved the conditions for the Public Auction scheduled for March 26 at 2 p.m. The objective of the conditions are to meet GST requirements, detail the deposit requirements at the time of Public Auction, the last day to complete the sale, that the municipality provides no warranty conditions, features, limitations, nor uses of the properties in the Public Auction. There will be reserve bids placed on each property. Properties are subject to interests registered against the title.


Waste Services News

Ground water monitoring was completed this fall at all 12 landfill locations, with a final report due by the end of January. Surface water containment ponds are being drained in anticipation for the spring runoff. All water testing has been completed with Alberta Environment Standards approval. Staff are working on the year end reports to send to Alberta Environment and Forestry. The Therien Landfill received its new landfill office right before Christmas, with a larger office and windows on all sides, the operator can see the whole transfer site.


Ag Update

Since the start of the Coyote and Wolf Reduction Program, 438 coyotes and four wolves have been brought in. These numbers are consistent with previous years. Agricultural staff will be conducting a scent post survey this year to estimate the numbers of coyotes within a certain area to compare to previous years. The program will continue until the end of March 2019. The M.D. will be hosting a first-time Trapper’s Course in February.


q#10 Parks, Rec. and Culture News – The Muriel Lake M.D. Park cabin renovations are complete and it will now be available as a warming shack for all trail users. Parks and T&U staff worked together to flood the Cherry Grove skating rink prior to Christmas. The Christmas season at Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort was top notch. The weather was perfect and conditions were great. Boxing Day and December 29 were the busiest days. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Cold Lake Snowmobile Club and the M.D. outlining the designated trail in Cold Lake M.D. Park and the Club’s responsibility for keeping the trail groomed and providing a gate and signage. Work continues on trail clearing and cross-country trail tracking. Parks purchased a sand spreader that attaches to the mini truck to be used for paved trail maintenance.


Public Safety Update

Officers attended five collisions on M.D. roads during December. Officers assisted with traffic control at a garbage truck rollover on Highway 660 as the tow company had difficulty recovering the truck due to reduced sightlines. While parked on an approach along Highway 659, an officer was approached by a driver in medical distress. The officer contacted EMS and monitored the driver until the ambulance arrived. Officers responded to various abandoned vehicle concerns – either from public complaints or vehicles they came upon while on patrol. In most cases the vehicles were left on approaches, but occasionally they were left on the roadway. All vehicles were checked to see if they had been reported stolen. The owners were contacted, and if needed for traffic safety, the vehicles were towed. Officers dealt with quite a few dog complaints in December including dogs running at large, barking, biting other dogs and chasing people. In some situations the dog was impounded, and tickets were issued to the owners. In December officers responded to three calls for horses on the road. In all situations, Public Safety was able to track down the owner, who then came and took control of the horses and returned them to their property.


Funding Support

Council approved the $25,000, 2018 Annual Operating Grant for the Goodridge Social and Ag Society. Council approved the $20,000, 2018 Annual Operating Grant for the Cold Lake Agricultural Society. Council approved a $1,000 Community Action Grant for the March 18 to April 4, 2019 Cold Lake Music Festival to assist with hosting expenses. Council agreed to plow the snow for a parking lot and platform at the Bonnyville Rodeo Grounds for the “Build the Pipeline NOW Rally” on January 19.

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