Friday , 23 July 2021

Grande Parlour kicks off 2019 with “Winter Blues” package

The Grande Parlour is gearing up for a busy 2019, and are starting the year with a few musical acts.

Their first event is Saturday, Jan. 19 when blues act Kat Danser returns with her band the Tall Tales.

“Kat Danser came a few years ago to the Bean Trees site, she’s never been on the Grande Parlour side,” said Craig Konechny, executive director of the Grande Parlour.

“Last time she came by herself, and this time she’s got her band. They’re blues. They record out of Nashville. They’re very much a New Orleans, wompy blues, is how she describes herself.

“It’s incredible music. I listened to their CDs for a quite awhile there, I love her music, she has great stories. We actually have a local Jonathan Vautour who’s gonna open up for her, he was great and has an incredible voice,” he said.

It isn’t long before their next show either.

Toronto-based band the Young Novelists return on Wednesday, Jan. 23.

“Young Novelists were here before about a year ago or so and everybody loved them. They’re incredible storytellers, incredible music and harmonies, and for ten bucks it’s a pretty chill event. They were coming through and asked if they could do a show during the week, and we said why not?” said Konechny.

Then it’s Snow Fever After Dark, held in conjuction with the Snow Fever event on Feb. 16, where the musical acts will come to the Grande Parlour after playing at the Kinosoo Ridge Ski Hill. Two-time Juno Award nominee Jeremy Fisher, DJ Shub, The Moon Tricks, and Kinosoo’s own Aussie group The UNHEARDOFS are the performers.

“We did it last year and it was called SnöJula. The M.D. of Bonnyville and Kinosoo had four bands out at the ski hill – playing indivdually on the hill itself during the daytime, and we had them come to Bean Trees after. The idea was we have them all on stage at the same time and they actually had to play altogether.

“We had three different bands last year, all different genres of music and anybody who was there can attest it was incredible to witness. They just meshed so well. The bands had a blast up there and it was an incredible night of music, and the same thing is happening this year,” said Konechny.

The Grande Parlour is selling a “Winter Blues” ticket package for the three shows at $40 total on their website.

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