Saturday , 31 July 2021

Assumption school underwent lockdown

Today at approximately 02:00 p.m., Cold Lake RCMP initiated a school lock down on three schools due to a potential high risk situation in the area of 50th Street & Highway 28. Schools were contacted by police to initiate the lockdown procedures.

In a letter sent out to the parents, a principal for Assumption School, Chantel Axani-Rawlake stated, “as directed, we went into lockdown and waited for further clarification from the RCMP. AJSH was in lockdown for approximately 7-10 minutes from start to finish. At which time, the RCMP lifted our Lockdown as they did not feel AJSH was in any imminent danger and classes resumed.”

“Staff and students responded to this Lockdown in a safe and timely manner and we are very impressed with how all involved conducted themselves during this time,” added the principal.

RCMP reported that once it was determined there wasno threat to public safety in the area or students in the school, the lockdown was cancelled. Police can advise this incident was not a result of any student activity or threat to the schools.

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