Sunday , 26 September 2021
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St. Paul Passes Cannabis Land Use Bylaw Amendments

Following a public hearing on Tuesday night, St. Paul Town Council passed second and third readings of amendments to Bylaw 1242. The amendments come just a week before the nationwide legalisation of cannabis and contain several language changes following the introduction of the amended Bylaw 1242 at the Council Meeting on September 24.

Amendments include details regarding applications for a Cannabis Store (as defined in the recently amended Bylaw 1251), Cannabis Store requirements, Cannabis Facility requirements, parking and location requirements, and more.

Specific points of interest may include:

• Cannabis Stores must be located in the C1 Commercial District (essentially downtown on Main Street) and have signage facing Main Street and must operate within the hours of 10:00 to 22:00;
• Cannabis Stores may not be located within 100 metres of one another, or within 100 metres of any school, provincial health care facility, a registered daycare or day home, the St. Paul Wellness Centre, St. Paul Community Health Services, St. Paul Public Library, or any section of land designated as a school reserve or municipal and school reserve;
• A Cannabis Facility shall be located at a minimum separation distance of 90 metres from any school site or residential lot;
• Marijuana products must not be smoked, ingested, or otherwise consumed on the premises of a Cannabis Facility;
• The Cannabis Facility must not permit any person who is not an adult to be present anywhere on the Cannabis unless accompanying an adult authorized-user to the designated waiting area;

The amended Bylaw is now in effect. A full list of all Bylaw amendments can be found here. 

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