Friday , 28 January 2022

BRFA reminds residents to use Carbon Monoxide alarms

As winter quickly approaches the area, members of the Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority, Station 5 Fire Department would like to remind its residents to heat their homes safely.

“Fire safety is our number one priority and we would like residents to ensure that they have working Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms in and around their homes,” explains Darryl Shyian, Station 5 Chief.

“In addition to ensuring that there are properly functioning (CO) alarms in the home, we would like to recommend that these detectors be placed outside of bedrooms and sleeping areas, near fireplaces or other fuel required appliances, and by any doorways that lead to an attached garage.”

Residents who live in condominiums or apartment buildings should also have Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms installed in their service rooms, directed the Station Chief. “Especially in rooms that are above, below, and beside the service rooms.”

“With an informed community, our goal is to reduce and limit the amount of Carbon Monoxide (CO) related incidents for our community.”

On the evenings of Tuesday October 2nd and October 16th, members of Bonnyville Station 5 Fire Department will be out in the Town of Bonnyville spreading the word about Carbon Monoxide Safety in our community.  Members of Station 5 will also be distributing new Carbon Monoxide alarms to the community as part of the Bonnyville Fire Fighters Association’s commitment to fire safety within the community.

The evenings will also serve as the Station’s recruitment drive. Shyian explains there are more volunteers needed on the force, “to continue to provide high quality emergency services to the Town of Bonnyville and the MD of Bonnyville through the courageous acts by local residents”.

“If you see us out in the community, feel free to come and ask how you can be part of this group of courageous protectors and pick up your application to join the volunteer base of the Bonnyville Station 5 firefighters.”

If you have any questions about this event or would like to know more about becoming a member of the Bonnyville Station 5 team, please contact  Kelly Turzanski (Deputy Station Chief) at 780.826.8791.

Providing a fire safe community for generations to come. Think Safe, Be Safe, Stay Safe.

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