Ice focus on local talent to bring success this season

The Cold Lake Jr. B Ice are taking are starting to see Head Coach Scott Hood’s vision come together. The coach started with a philosophy of harvesting local talent and giving back to the community. With that philosophy coming to fruition he says fans will be able to enjoy exceptional hockey this season.

“We’re looking forward to the year. The community has been great and supportive. We have 15-16 local guys who are committed to play.” Although main camp is still to come, the coach is confident a lot of the players, who make the final roster, will be local to the Lakeland area.

The team unveiled their new jersey on Tuesday evening. The new look goes to build excitement for the season. It has been announced that Cold Lake Minor Hockey will adapt the Ice brand and roll out new jerseys over the next few years to match the Jr. B squad.

“We’ve involved in the community and with minor hockey.” The Ice will be involved with fall conditioning camp. The deadline to register is this Friday, August 17th.

The Ice are always willing to help in the community, added Hood, whether it’s a BBQ, charity event or special appearances, the team is committed to helping the community.

“When I first took over, three years ago, we were $115,000-130,000 in debt. We’ve erased that down to $15,000-20,000 in two years.” Hood wants to dispel any rumours that the team is in financial trouble. “We’ve had great people involved, Les Wilson, Dale Laursen, Tanya Locke and all the board members over the years.” As an organization, the team has come a long way since Hood stepped into the role as Head Coach.

Hood says the organization has “put in a wonderful effort in over the past few years” to build the brand of the team. With the positive mentality, community minded foundation, and local focus the coach believes the team is in for one of their best seasons yet.

Main camp is approaching quickly, September 7th-9th. If you would like to learn more about main camp, or the team, follow them on Facebook, @ColdLakeJrBIce.