Saturday , 25 September 2021

Rebranding SPERD

Watch for St Paul Education Regional Division No. 1’s (SPERD’s) new logo. It was revealed at the June 21 regular board meeting, but will enjoy a ‘soft launch,’ to the public, first appearing on the school division’s social media accounts,  then gradually appearing on business cards, letterhead, and signage as the current supplies are depleted.

The board is implementing the slow roll-out to minimize negative impacts to SPERD finances, although Superintendent of Schools, Glen Brodziak noted that the $10 000 budgeted for the development and design, as well as templates and different media formats, was minimal in relation to the entire division budget.

Previous SPERD Logo

The previous logo, created when the school board was developed in 1995, is very detailed and difficult to reproduce digitally. In comparison, the new logo has bright colours and few details.

The visual, designed by Bob Robertson of “Bob Robertson – Visual Communication Design & Consulting” shows a “multifaceted array of connected, colourful ‘learners’ in a configuration that reinforces the concept of shared insights and exchange.”

Heather Starosielski, SPERD’s chair, reinforced that “The new logo/graphic shows clear connections between learners and the diverse nature of learning.  The design also showcases the division’s motto of ‘Learning Together, Growing Together.’ Our motto identifies our belief in each and every student to meet their potential as a learner.  It speaks to all of our commitment to personal and professional growth.  We are dedicated to building quality relationships and working together with parents, families and the greater community to ensure that all of our students have a high-quality, enriched educational program.”

Further to the rebranding, Starosielski is looking forward to a “refreshed division website that will be built by our division tech department and launched this fall.”


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