Bonnyville Tim Hortons raises just under $10,000 on Camp Day

Image courtesy of Tim Hortons

The two Bonnyville Tim Hortons locations raised just under $10,000 on this year’s Camp Day fundraiser.

Owner, Lee Bellrieve, says the event was a success.

“It was nice that everybody got together, and nice to see Chad [Colbourne, Lakeland Connect] get dunked. So that was fun…everybody had fun with it. That money will be put to good use,” said Bellrieve.

On June 6, all proceeds from coffee sales, bracelet purchases, and donations went towards the Tim Horton’s Children’s Foundation, which targets low-income families who can’t afford to send their kids to camp.

“It will include everything to transportation from pickup points in all these communities. So some places they’ll be able to bus, others they have to fly them. All that kind of stuff. It pays for the expenses of the camp for them, while they are there, and obviously brings them back,” said Bellrieve.

Nationwide, Tim Hortons collected $13 million making it one of the most successive in the 25 year history of Camp Day.

Last year’s total earnings from Bonnyville were close to $7000.

“It’s going up. The community is rallying together very well.”