Monday , 20 September 2021

Pickleball Disturbance, McDonald’s Drive-Thru “Release”, and Scammers: The Bonnyville RCMP Report for the week of June 8

RCMP responded to a disturbance at the Centennial Centre this morning after an elderly male was complaining that he “wasn’t being allowed to play pickleball.” The troublemaker was disrupting the operation of the facility and was asked to leave. He was told he was not allowed to come back until he could be more cooperative.

Bonnyville RCMP arrested a man in the early morning of Saturday, Jun. 2 after receiving a call about suspicious activity in a McDonald’s drive-thru.

The vehicle, which had a passenger inside, was noted as suspicious after it appeared the driver was intoxicated in the McDonald’s drive-thru. While waiting in line, one of them got out of their vehicle and urinated. The vehicle was later located on 50th ave where the RCMP conducted an impaired driving test.

The driver was charged after blowing over the legal limit, and found to be a citizen of the Dominican Republic. He was released to appear in court in Bonnyville.

The RCMP are warning the public to keep an eye on online scams after they responded to a complaint from a citizen yesterday who had their savings accounts frozen after receiving fraudulent cheques.

The victim had answered an online advertisement to be a customer service evaluator. The scammers sent him a cheque to deposit for him to do transactions. The victim deposited the cheque before the bank froze his accounts after discovering the cheque was fraudulent.

The RCMP want the public to be aware that those claiming to be tech support or Canadian Revenue Agency and ask for payment in the form of gift cards are scammers.


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