Monday , 20 September 2021

Bonnyville Firefighters Running Summer Ball Hockey Tournament

The Bonnyville Firefighters Association is organizing an indoor ball hockey tournament, “Fire in the Streets”, this summer for kids and adults. The tournament is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, July 14 at the Bonnyville Centennial Center.

Tristan Ilko, volunteer firefighter, and organizer of the tournament, says adding another firefighter-ran event was the intention of Fire in the Streets.

“We really haven’t had a ball hockey tournament where the whole community is involved,” said Ilko.

There are three divisions for tournament competition, with the divisions set by the oldest player on the team. The divisions are Recruit (7-11 years old), which costs $250, Lieutenant (12-16 years old), which costs $300, and Captain (17+), which costs $350. A maximum of seven players can be dressed for each game.

“The ball hockey tournament was a way for the Fire Department to open up a large community-wide event, besides our Open House every year. So we can take the young athletes, the kids, and eventually bring this event into a sponsorship program of some kind. Just to raise awareness of some of our causes and make some healthy choices in the community.”

“This year is the tester, can a ball-hockey tournament win in the summertime? I know a lot of people travel, so it’s a tester. But there’s a lot of good vibes about it,” said Ilko.

The tournament date has changed three times already to accomodate the schedules of young athletes.

“Bonnyville is a hockey community. They support the Pontiacs, and there are a lot of young hockey players. We figured ball hockey would be the best draw for a lot of these kids. And anyone can play as long as they have shoes and a stick.”

All money earned this year will stay with the fire department to see if the tournament is sustainable, said Ilko. In the future they’re looking at charities like KidSport to give back to.

Currently, the youth side has 10 teams registered. The adult side has six registered.

To register in the tournament you can email [email protected], or go to H.E. Bourgoin school for a hard copy. The deadline to enter is June 30.



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