Friday , 23 July 2021

The Glamourlace Madame Nadine

Madame Nadine (Deslauriers-Friesen) is ready for Western Canada Fashion Week! The teacher by day, designer at heart, jewelry maker is hitting the catwalk with a whole new line next, on April 29th, at the prestigious show.

“I just got some new lace and new pedants!” Nadine said with exuberance, in the midst of working on designs, eagerly waiting to display new cosmic creations. “It’s going to be wonderful.”

Glitz, Glamour & Gorgeous Stars

Displaying her creations to the world is nothing new for the designer. Madame Nadine’s work has been seen draped over the necks of Hollywood stars.

“It’s pretty amazing, the path I’m on and where all of this is going.”

The designer has been invited to numerous gifting suites; VIP Pre-Emmys, Golden Globes, and Pre-Cannes Film Festival. “That was quite amazing, I never thought it would go there. They are contacting me, asking if I want my jewelry to be feature,” Nadine laughs, what else can she say but yes?

Nadine explains the gifting suites a quite an unique experience. She has been able to meet, even if for a minute or two, multiple actors, dancers, thespians, and models. She personally gets to present her jewelry to the stars, one-on-one and if they like her work, they select a piece that they want to take home with them.

It’s a great opportunity for Nadine to expand her brand into the A-list world. The star may choose to done her creations on the red carpet, or maybe a movie premiere, or star-studded appearance.

“One of my chokers went on the red carpet, on Ariane Andrew, for the Grammys with OK magazine.”

From the gifting suites she has made valuable connections and now she gets calls from agents looking to have her pieces in photoshoots with famous models and actors.

“I have to confuse, Shay Mitchell was big,” Nadine thanks fellow Cold Lake designer, Cassandra Newton of EME Designs, for helping her land her necklace around the actor’s neck, “she came up with the idea for chokers. She brought it up and I brought the design.”

The Pretty Little Liars actor wore Madame Nadine’s necklaces on the cover and feature piece of LaPalme Magazine.

“It’s pretty cool when you see [actors] wearing your designs.”


Madame Nadine pulls her inspiration from the Victorian era and puts her own twist on it. You’ll typically see her models in corsets and big skirts, with lace and chain details. The designer is a big fan of steam punk.

She doesn’t want to give too much away before her lines debut at WCFW, on April 29th, but promises fans they will be wowed.

“One necklace has a million faces to it. It doesn’t matter how old you are, I want people to feel empowered when they wear my pieces,” whether it’s a t-shirt and jeans or a fancy dress, Nadine strives to make her jewelry versatile.

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