Fresh Look for the City of Cold Lake

The Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) presented to Cold Lake City Council on February 13th, with some ideas to freshen up the Cold Lake’s signage in and out of the city. Mayor Craig Copeland says it was interesting to hear how the City is seen from a tourist standpoint and ideas that can help assist visitors to the community.

Bernard Lefebvre, Chairman and Isabel Myshaniuk, Vice Chairman, of the committee presented Council with a “Visitor Friendly Community Assessment”. The mayor says the pair identified areas, such as coming into the city through Highway 55 where the signage, as to where destinations, such as the Marina, are located. “We have some issue with the lettering and the consistency. We need a fresh look, especially for visitors or someone new to the city.” The signs were put in many years ago, says the mayor, “the lettering is very small and inconsistent.”

The presentation also highlighted some restraints to economic growth, from a tourism standpoint, like the Marina. “As well as some empty buildings throughout the city,” the mayor says empty downtown buildings are a common problem in communities, “it’s hard to figure out what to do with empty buildings in strategic locations.”

The project was to give ideas on what a community can do to become more visitor friendly and appealing. City Administration will task EADC with coming back to Council with options, explains Mayor Copeland, “then we’ll bring it to the 2019 Capital Budget deliberation and see if Council is willing to put some money towards it.”