Get Charged with Shred Kelly

Get ready for Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort to ignite with the body-moving grooves of Shred Kelly. The electric foursome is playing Snöjuhla, on February 17th, live on the Bumper to Bumper Snow Stage. It’s all part of a family-friendly festival that’s taking over the hill next Saturday.

“The shows are so high-energy. No matter where we play or how long our set is, the five of us are having the best time on stage. We have more fun, when the crowd is having an equally wonderful time.” Singer/musician, with the band, Sage McBride says the group is stoked to come to Cold Lake. They never been and they’re bringing new music on their inaugural visit, “we’re releasing our new album on the 16th, so the day before! Everyone there will be the first group of people who can get copies of our new record.” The festival lands as part of the band’s album release tour.

There’s a certain ski-town vibe that Shred Kelly will be bringing with them to Cold Lake. Sage explains, “we started back in 2009. It happened pretty naturally, we all live in Fernie.” Members of the band came from Ontario and met when they all were pursuing their love of skiing/snowboarding in Fernie. “We started playing in Fernie and then in the other ski town’s that were in a close distance to us.” When they first started the band had about ten original songs, “we were playing a lot of cover songs. We a lot of times, especially in the early days, we could only get people’s attention if we were playing something upbeat and dance-able,” Sage laughs that the band’s music has expanded greatly over the years and so has their fan’s appreciation for their folk tinged electric tunes. “We would get the biggest high by playing the high-energy songs that our fans were used to and we kept writing in that way.” Shred Kelly is known for being on the road and playing stellar live shows.

“We were just a couple friends playing a jam night, now we’ve been to Australia, Germany and we’re going to other parts of Europe in the spring,” the band is also touring in the United States and across Canada. “It’s cool because we never expected it would take us so many cool places and what an awesome opportunity it would be.” Their Canadian tour has some dates with Band of Rascals, who are also hitting the Bumper to Bumper Snow Stage, for Snöjuhla. Although both bands are from British Columbia, Snöjuhla will be the first time the two have played the same show.

“The shows are really fun and we have the best times playing them,” Shred Kelly is a regular on the ski town concert circuit. They promise to bring an dynamic live show that’ll get you moving.

Snöjuhla is February 17th, at Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort. Along with live bands, there will be all-day tubing, skiing/snowboarding, tasty eats, family friendly entertainment, ice pavilion and Chillin’ ice bar, featuring tables, chairs, mugs and glasses made of ice. The event also features a Snow & Ski Cross competition. $27 for an area pass to the events or free for season pass holders. Get your tickets online at Don’t miss the official Snöjuhla after-party at the Grande Parlour, tickets are online at