Rednecks with a Cause receive Award in Excellence

Rednecks with a Cause were honoured with the Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities Award in Excellence in the Community. Kristy L’Hierondelle, with Rednecks with a Cause, says the award is great recognition and goes to show what they’ve been able to accomplish in the area through autism awareness, programming, and funding.

The group funds various programs in local schools that help assist with autism education. Last year, they donated $2,500 to every Bonnyville, Ardmore, Iron River and Glendon school to create sensory rooms. The rooms help kids with autism when they may need some time alone. The organization gave $5,000 to fund a local lego program, at the FCSS in Cold Lake, and $5,000 to the accessible playground at Dr. Brosseau Middle School in Bonnyville. The group is also known for bringing in prestigious speakers to the community; including Temple Grandin in March of 2018.

“Our goal has always been to build a centre that will be millions of dollars,” L’Hierondelle says the group is working towards a special centre for kids with autism and their parents. The centre will be much like a rec centre, or after-school centre, but focused on the needs of kids with autism. “A few years ago, our short-term goal changed to bringing in Temple Grandin. We were laughed at by quite a few people.” L’Hierondelle laughs as she recalls the nay-sayers, “a little hard-work and fundraising and look what happened?!” Rednecks with a Cause has secured Temple Grandin for two speaking engagements, in March. One focusing on Agriculture and another in autism, tickets are availableat

Rednecks with a Cause will be hosting their annual gala in April to coincide with National Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd. For more information on the organization, visit their new website,