Thursday , 2 December 2021

Larman Rocks!

Shane Larmand extends a “HUGE THANKS” to Lakeland Connect readers and Facebook followers who “really got behind the local guy, voting, and sharing, and tagging their buddies” in support of his run in the Sunrise Records Local Artists competition. Larmand was thrilled on November 10 to learn he had earned the runner up prize: 500 copies of a CD of his work to be distributed across Alberta in Sunrise stores. (Sunrise bought out HMV in February 2017.)  Larmand is working on his CD in Bonnyville at 302 Productions Studio, aiming to submit it to Sunrise before the January 15 deadline.

Art and music teacher in Elk Point by day, by night Larmand is a St Paul musician who writes and performs locally. He hosts open mic nights at Players’ Lounge in Bonnyville once a month.

Larmand describes his music as “roots-rock. Lots of acoustic stuff. A little slide guitar. A bit of blues. Some of it’s even country. Inspired by guys like Neil Young, even a guy like John Cougar Mellencamp.” A local musician, Mike Plume, has been a mentor and has provided support and inspiration to Larmand. Plume “was kind enough to write a nice letter of recommendation.”

From his Facebook post, Larmand extends “MEGA thanks to everyone who helped with the music – Jeff WeeksRobert Angus VaughnRandy PadleskyJustin HarassNicole BrusdeilinsRose-Marie Cameron, Art Larmand and Rob Tremblay!”

The Sunrise Records Local Artists competition was won by Matt Dunae, known by his stage name, SirReal, who is a hop hip artist from Naniamo, B.C.  Larmand and SirReal have struck up a Messenger friendship. Larmand says, “SirReal has been great. He’ll help me get on the independent radio station in Nanaimo, and I’ll try to get him on radio stations here. We might as well scratch each other’s back and see if we can help each other out.”

For now, Larmand is content to teach school and perform as a hobby, but likes the Tragically Hip’s philosophy of appreciating “one fan at a time; one show at a time.”  The contest has given him more exposure, and he can use his place as runner-up to garner publicity when the CD becomes available to radio stations.

Tonight (November 29) Larmand and his wife, Michelle, are hosting a home concert which will feature Yukon artist and folk music award nominee Kim Beggs. For more information, message Shane Larmand on Facebook.

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