Is the bed of a truck safe for a dog?

Bonnyville Town Council discussed the possibility of implementing a new bylaw at Tuesday’s regular meeting, that would look at the issue of dogs in the bed of trucks. Bonnyville’s Mayor, Gene Sobolewski says all of Council did not support the bylaw that would restrict dogs from being allowed in the bed of trucks in the town’s limits.

“The bylaw came up and the intention was to get first, second and third reading,” if all three reading were to happen with approval from Council, the bylaw would have gone through, says the mayor; however the bylaw was tabled for more information. “I have to be honest, I’m one of the ones that stood up and sais, ‘why are we dealing with this?’ and ‘why is this an issue?’.”

The bylaw came to Council after a complaint from a resident came in, Sobolewski explains, “the canine in the back of a truck could be exposed to hazards; say falling out of the back of the truck or is it too cold.” The issue even looked at the temperament of the dog itself, “if it happens to be a meaner dog, barking or snapping at people as they are walking by.”

“We are already perceived, that in terms of bylaws, there is an issue when it comes to enforcement. This would be another one that would be [complaint based],” the mayor says those types of bylaws can be difficult to enforce because there is a time-delay from when the complaint comes in to when there is a bylaw officer able to make the scene; due to resources.

“I’m glad that Council tabled it. I want to give a second [look at the bylaw]. Ask, how much is too much? Is this an issue?” Mayor Sobolewski says he would like to hear if there has been any cases of injured dogs, or humans, as a result of a dog being transported in the back of a truck, before he makes any decision.

“I’ve never been a proponent of bringing in regulations or rules if [there’s no merit]. Why fix it if it’s not broken?” Mayor Sobolewski says Council will discuss the bylaw more in depth at a future meeting.