Thursday , 13 May 2021

M.D. Council requesting provincial action on Moose Lake water levels

Municipal District of Bonnyville Council is requesting the provincial government review options to alleviate the high water levels on Moose Lake.

After meeting with residents at an open house on July 18, Council agreed to contact Alberta Environment and Parks to request the department consider the removal or modification of the weir north of Moose Lake, on the Moose River.

Council also asked the Director of Disaster Services, Brian McEvoy, to formally request the Alberta Municipal Management Agency (Alberta Municipal Affairs) to investigate if disaster relief is available for residents adversely affected by the high water levels. There are residents of the M.D. of Bonnyville, and the Summer Villages of Pelican Narrows and Bonnyville Beach, who may be facing extensive damage to infrastructure.

The M.D. will post Moose Lake water level information on its website as it receives the data from Alberta Environment and Parks.

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